Vinoway Wine Selection awards the wine selections of Cantina Toblino


Vinoway Wine Selection awards the wine selections of Cantina Toblino: DA FORA Manzoni Bianco with 95 points and FOLL Chardonnay with 91 points.

On 10-11th October 2020, at the The Nicolaus Hotel di Bari, was held the event defined as the most glamorous Italian Wine World. The Vinoway Wine Selection is a selection, always up-to-date, of the best Italian wines, born from the work of the association’s commission Vinoway Italia during various annual tastings, under the attentive direction of the President Davide Gangi.

The Association of Promotion and Valorization Vinoway Italia works with the Wine and Food sectors, considering them an integral part of tourism. It was founded by people that found in wine a fascinating and intriguind environment, rich in history, hard work and communication. Experts and enthusiasts that came together with the aim of contributing to the growth of  the enormous heritage of Italian Wine.

This year, for the first time, saw the merge of the two main events organized by Vinoway in a single event dedicated to the still wines, “Vinoway Wine Selection”, and the sparkling wines, “Vinoway Sparkle Selection”.

Vinoway firmly believes in the new generations and in the enhancement of the wineries that produce quality focusing on their future, considering what already made by the historic wineries of the Italian Wine world.

The 2020 news is the App “Vinoway Wine Selection 2021”, in which there will be the wines that partecipated in the selection, with the story of the company’s history and all the useful information about the awarded wine.

Vinoway Wine Selection 2021 awarded Cantina Toblino with:

DA FORA Manzoni Bianco DOC Trentino 2018 (95 points)

FOLL Chardonnay DOC Trentino 2018 (91 points)