Cantina Toblino: the heart of Nosiola & Vino Santo

“The Vino Santo that is made from Nosiola is a unique passito in the international wine scene.”


The iconic grape variety of Cantina Toblino creates the “Passito dei Passiti”.

The Nosiola grape is harvested around mid-October, at the peak of a long maturation on the plant, starting the long process that will transform it into the excellent Vino Santo.

Once picked, the bunches of Nosiola are spread on ancient racks, called “arèle”. Here, the grapes undergo a slow but continuous natural withering, among the longest in the world. During this phase, the noble rot develops inside the berry, which enriches it and accentuates dehydration, favoring the concentration of sugars. As per tradition, the withering continues until Holy Week, from which the Vino Santo takes its name, when we proceed with the pressing. The very sweet must is left to rest in small oak barrels that refine its characteristics. Once a moderate alcohol content is reached, the slow fermentation stops naturally, leaving the wine with a significant residual sugar and the typical bouquet of the Vino Santo of Cantina Toblino.

The Nosiola: the only native white grape variety from Trentino

The Nosiola & its terroir

The Nosiola comes from the most suitable and best exposed vineyards of the Valle dei Laghi, near Castel Toblino.

The characteristics of the soil – dry and grainy – and the constant presence of the wind called “Ora del Garda”, enhance the grapes unique characteristics.

The origin of the name “Nosiola”

The term “Nosiola”, as if to underline once again its uniqueness, could derive from the Celtic “nos”, that is “our”.

Probably, the name of this vine also refers to the nutty color of the branches, which in the Trentino dialect is called “Nosiola”.

A traditional Vino Santo

The Vino Santo is obtained from the drying process of the Nosiola grapes on the traditional “arèle”.

We have felt the duty to safeguard this monument of the Trentino wine making tradition, producing our Vino Santo only in the best vintages and creating a vault to store vintage bottles.

The Nosiola is dressed in white

With the Nosiola grapes, alongside the well-known Vino Santo, excellent white wines are also produced which are young and pleasant to taste or more complex and aged in French oak barrels or acacia tonneaux for long periods, such as our Largiller and L’Ora.

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