Cantina Toblino, a story of wine and people since 1960

Cantina Toblino from 1960 to today: a story of excellence.

In 1960, a group of passionate winemakers from the Valle dei Laghi decided to join forces to confront an increasingly competitive reality. From that moment, the link between social cooperation, people and territory remains essential.

Over time, Cantina Toblino has become the reference point for viticulture in the Valle dei Laghi: our vineyards have become a real open-air laboratory, where viticultural and oenological research and innovation daily lead to the achievement of new quality standards.

On the one hand, the agricultural company Toblino Srl, which cultivates under organic control the approximately 40 hectares of the ancient bishop’s properties, on the other, Cantina Toblino, which receives the grapes from more than 600 winegrowers for a total of over 850 hectares of vineyards.

Even today, our company philosophy is based on cooperation: our commitment is constant to guarantee our customers excellence along the entire production chain.

The story of Cantina Toblino is the story of the winegrowers who built it since 1960

the birth

Cantina Toblino was created to enhance the grapes conferred by the winemakers of the Valle dei Laghi: the intent was to guarantee them better representation and greater bargaining power.
We chose to build the cellar in Piano Sarca, an area that is easy to reach from all the productive areas of the valley.

the consolidation

The first harvest, in 1964, immediately gave us enormous satisfaction. The following year the winery became fully operational, and the opening of the tavern marked the beginning of the adaptation works of the building.

In 1969, we inaugurated a typical tasting room.

80’s and 90’s::
the growth

The purchase of new equipment and the choice of investing in cutting-edge technologies made it possible to increase the cellar capacity.

A continuous improvement in cultivation techniques, with fertilizing methods and defense systems that respect the environment.

the hospitality

Instead of the tavern, the Hosteria Toblino was opened, proposing the specialties of the local tradition paired with grappas and wines from the cellar.

The experience becomes complete: guests taste our labels and then can buy them in the selling point.

the sustainability

Only innovation can be the prerequisite for a more sustainable future.

The installation of the photovoltaic system and the new LED lighting system allow considerable energy savings and emission reduction.

the change to BIO

We have dedicated part of the vineyards to natural cultivation: it is the largest organic plot in the region, and alone it represents almost 10% of the organic area of ​​the province of Trento.

More and more members are in biological conversion every year.

our story continues

The history of Cantina Toblino continues and it is renewed every day. What does not change, however, is the constant search for precision and quality both in the management of the vineyards and in the process of vinification and aging in the cellar. Today as in the past, the secret of our success lies in the harmony between our members-winegrowers and their vineyards.

Explore our vineyards

Each vineyard expresses our deep respect for an incredibly suited territory like Valle dei Laghi.

Discover the Nosiola grape

Nosiola is the grape symbol of Cantina Toblino which gives birth to fine white wines and our unparalleled Vino Santo.

Enter the organic vineyard

You are about to discover one of the largest organic vineyard in the whole of Trentino, inside the Biodistretto Valle dei Laghi.