Cantina Toblino - vineyards: when harmony is created between the winery, the vineyards and the people ...

The conjunction between the vineyard and the cellar: when quality can be seen from the land to the wine.

Cantina Toblino, unlike other cooperative wineries, is not only concerned with the transformation of wine, but also with the production of grapes. Next to the over 600 winegrowers of Cantina Toblino, there is our Az Agr Toblino Srl, which since 1999 has cultivated an area of ​​40 hectares directly.

Az Agr Toblino Srl, through cutting-edge breeding systems, leads its land respecting the rules of organic viticulture.

All the vineyards cultivated by Cantina Toblino members-winegrowers and also those belonging to the AZ Agr Toblino Srl, are enclosed between the northern shore of Lake Toblino and the southern border of the village of Pergolese, an area that was once called Piano Sarca.

Cantina Toblino, which over the years has become a point of reference for many winemakers, supports and assists various cutting-edge viticultural projects, including the recovery of mountain viticulture.

The vineyard and the cellar: a dialogue of several voices, always opened

A unique environment

The component at the base of our wines is the territory of the Valle dei Laghi, characterized by its particular cool Mediterranean climate.

In the morning, the valley is refreshed by the wind that comes from the Brenta Dolomites that then goes down to Lake Garda. In the afternoon, instead, the Ora rises from Lake Garda and keeps all the plots of land well ventilated, offering the vines the best conditions to develop those organoleptic characteristics that make our wines unique.

Human at the center

In addition to a very generous nature, our wines are the result of a philosophy of work that focuses on man and his respect for the earth.

The dialogue between man and the vineyards has always been alive since the youngest vine was planted. Over time, the vine grows and the bond between man and vineyard becomes stronger and stronger. The vineyard becomes the creature of man, to which he dedicates body and mind to produce a perfect grape.

Remembering Rebo Rigotti

Rebo Rigotti, Trentino geneticist who in 1948 crossed for the first time Merlot with Teroldego, obtaining a very particular red grape variety called Rebo.

Rebo has found its perfect growing-area in the microclimate of the Valle dei Laghi, in which it can best express all its organoleptic potential.

Retrace our history

The history of Cantina Toblino from 1960 to today

Discover the Nosiola grape

The grape symbol of Cantina Toblino which gives rise to fine white wines and our unparalleled Vino Santo.

Enter the organic vineyard

You are about to discover the largest organic vineyard in the whole of Trentino.