The impacts of climate change are being felt here and now. From floods in Germany to wildfires in Greece and Turkey; water shortages in Northern Europe and even heatwaves in Siberia. Intensifying weather events threaten our way of life, with severe impacts on people’s health, livelihoods and assets.

To help accelerate the Europe’s climate adaptation strategy and meet ambitions to become the world’s first climate-neutral continent by 2050, the European Commission has awarded a new flagship project named IMPETUS. Its objective: turn climate commitments into tangible, urgent actions to protect communities and the planet. The IMPETUS project will help accelerate Europe’s response to climate change and develop innovative measures to make its regions more resilient.

Motivated and multidisciplinary teams in research, policy, industry and civil society will address real-world challenges in seven test regions across Europe. Together these represent all the continent’s bio-climatic regions: Arctic, Atlantic, Boreal, Coastal, Continental, Mediterranean and Mountainous.

These teams will analyse and scale the most effective solutions to protect water, agriculture, fisheries, infrastructure and health. Working with local policy-makers, businesses and communities will help to make them a success.

Within the seven regional test beds – one in each bioclimatic region of Europe – the Valle dei Laghi and Cantina Toblino were identified to represent the mountainous area and seek innovative solutions to be used in the future to tackle climate change.

“93% of Europeans consider climate change a serious problem. To respond effectively, we need to adapt our policy actions and strategies to new climatic situations. We need to better understand when and how to act in a transition to green economy.” says Aitor Corchero, Eurecat senior researcher and project technical coordinator. “IMPETUS is important because it demonstrates the concrete actions we all urgently need to take to protect the environment and the economy. It will work on solutions for a range of climate conditions – from the artic to the Mediterranean basin – empower communities and protect key systems like water, agriculture and infrastructure.”

Cantina Toblino will play a key role in the Impetus project, in particularly with regard to the development of an applicable and scalable Innovation Package in different mountain areas in a national and international context. This objective will be achievable thanks to the contribution of various stakeholders and through the creation of an European network of institutions and private bodies able to contribute to the realization of the project as well as the promotion of the same in various communities of reference. The main ambitious is to be able to increase material and immaterial know-how as well as to augment the sense of responsibility regarding the main critical points and vulnerabilities related to climate change.

The impact we would like to see at the end of this path is the dissemination and adoption of some of the best practices identified over the next 4 years in an European context aimed at encouraging climate and social resilience. Cantina Toblino will be the reference point and the spokesperson of a series of initiatives able to lead to the environmental and socio-economic protection of mountain areas.

Now in its 18th edition, the Decanter World Wine Awards (DWWA) is the largest and the most influential wine competition in the world with an unrivaled global reach. Judged by the best wine experts in the world, DWWA is internationally appreciated for its rigorous evaluation process.

Over 15 consecutive days in June, almost 170 expert wine judges, including 44 Masters of Wine and 11 Master Sommeliers, awarded 50 Best in Show, 179 Platinum, 635 Gold, 5,607 Silver and 8,332 Bronze medals.

Considering that only 179 wines out of 18.094 tasted wines have reached the Platinum Medal, of which 36 Italian wines and only 3 of Trentino Alto Adige.

Nosiola of Cantina Toblino, after receiving 97 points in the competition last year with Vino Santo Trentino, confirms itself, winning the Platinum Medal with Largiller 2013. It is described by Decanter as ‘Beautifully perfumed, with a nose layered with dried citrus, vanilla sugar, confectioners custard and russet apple aromas, while the saline palate is textured with lemon, lime and a lovely succulent acidity’.

Nosiola, the only native white grape variety of Trentino, is the iconic grape variety of Cantina Toblino, hearth of viticulture in Valle dei Laghi. The cooperative winery was founded in 1960 at the behest of a group of passionate winemakers who glimpsed the great winemaking vocation of the Valle dei Laghi. From that moment, the link between social cooperation, people and territory remains essential. To date, there are over 600 members-winemakers with almost 900 hectares of vineyards, of which over a third are converted to organic.

The attention they pay daily to the care of the vineyard is high, a continuous manual work that requires passion, patience, great dedication and continuous training.

In 2016 was born the project Vènt, of which Largiller is part, to best express the identity of Valle dei Laghi and the savoir-faire of Cantina Toblino, an inseparable union between territory and environment: organic intended as an expression of quality and territorial protection.

The name Largiller comes from its clay component present in the soil where the grapes grow, which gives, together with Ora del Garda, unsurpassed peculiarities to the bunches. These characteristics allow having a late ripening, that is harvested in the first half of October.

This Nosiola is the pure expression of the identity of Valle dei Laghi, bringing with it history, tradition, vocazione and enhancing the uniqueness of the territory: an elegant and complex wine with many shades that alternate with smell and taste.

In addition to the Platinum Medal obtained by Largiller 2013, the other wines presented by Cantina Toblino received:

1 Gold Medal (95 – 95 pts): L’Ora 2016

6 Silver Medal (90 – 94 pts) Vent 2017, Foll 2019, Pràal 2019, da Fòra 2019, Baticòr 2018, eLimarò 2016

This, to reward the great commitment that, over time, is leading to achieve every year new prestigious achievement.

Sarche di Madruzzo – Hosteria Toblino has restarted in this 2021 with lots of energy, lots of ideas and lots of projects. Among these, an important project that manages to combine cuisine and art.

“The union between art and cuisine is inseparable, a chef is a kitchen artist who knows how to dose color giving unique touches to his canvas.”

This is the thought of Chef Sebastian Sartorelli of Hosteria Toblino, now an institution of Trentino cuisine located right in the heart of the splendid Valle dei Laghi. A kitchen in which the young chef manages to combine energy, passion and creative flair to bring out the best of excellent local products such as lake fish, mushrooms, polenta, potatoes, salted meat…

Sebastian is a chef-artist who, in addition to creating dishes with a great visual impact, expresses his creativity in painting, a painting made of touches or rather, drops of color that fall spontaneously, are thrown or stained on the canvas.

The inspiration is the pictorial technique of “dripping”, used by the American avant-gardes whose greatest exponent was certainly Jackson Pollock. A real exaltation of the energy of the moment, of the vibrations of space-time. Unconditional, spontaneous gestures that tell who we are, our feelings, our sensations.

The chef-artist becomes an integral part of the work. The painting is not a simple image, it is an event that can appear simple or complex depending on who stops to observe it.

“An energy that does not end in the canvas but enters into symbiosis with the observer, in our case also taster of the dishes, real works of art prepared by the chef.”

A project, an idea that combines cuisine and art, which have always been linked by an almost transcendent and indissoluble force. Art in cuisine & cuisine in art.

Tempera, sometimes food painting, also a direct involvement of the guests of Hosteria Toblino during exuberant themed evenings where each of the guests can leave their own personal indelible memory on the canvas.

If you are curious about the cuisine of Hosteria Toblino and the inspiration of Chef Sebastian Sartorelli, please contact 0461 561 113 and send an email to

2020 was certainly a difficult year for everyone. Cantina Toblino is a cooperative that has its roots in the production and enhancement of wines well aware of its responsibility in guaranteeing the well-being of the territorial community. Always in compliance with the rules imposed at national and local level, the well-known reality of the Valle dei Laghi has never been discouraged by events, relaunching and guaranteeing its customers high-level products and services also through its own Hosteria Toblino.

Under the guidance of Franco Zanella (pictured), director of Hosteria Toblino, this reality located in the heart of the Valle dei Laghi has now become a reference point for Trentino food and wine. In fact, 2020 ended with numerous awards obtained this year by both Cantina Toblino for its excellent wines, obtaining the major awards from Gambero Rosso, Slow Wine, Ais Vitae, Vini Buoni d’Italia, Veronelli, Wine Hunter Awards, James Suckling , Decanter, both by Hosteria Toblino included in the prestigious Michelin Guide Italy 2021, Italian Restaurants and Italian Wine Shops by Gambero Rosso, Il Golosario by Paolo Massobrio.

Recently Sebastian Sartorelli (in the photo below), chef of Hosteria Toblino, also appeared in some TV programs distributed on the main Italian television networks such as Melaverde during a special dedicated to oil from Garda and another splendid reality della Valle dei Laghi such as Maso Botes and Cuochi d’Italia – The Trophy of the Regions representing the traditional cuisine of Trentino-Alto Adige. With the aim of continuing a process of growth and enhancement that has been underway for several years, Hosteria Toblino looks forward to 2021 that has just begun with great hope. After a period of forced stop during the Christmas holidays, Hosteria Toblino reopens its doors to its customers on Tuesday 12 January from 12 to 14.30.

Chef Sebastian Sartorelli and Franco Zanella take the opportunity to inaugurate the new winter menu: a creative menu with typically Trentino flavors combined with elegant glasses of wine that we invite you to discover as soon as possible and that we are sure will be able to surprise even the most demanding palates.

Not everyone knows this, but Chef Sebastian Sartorelli, in addition to being an established chef in the Trentino landscape, is a well-rounded artist who also delights on canvas in his spare time. This winter menu was in fact decorated with reproductions of some of his works made with the dripping technique, which allows the artist to capture the energy of the moment and feel part of the work. According to the regulations in force, for now the restaurant will be open only for lunch from Tuesday to Friday from 12 to 14.30.

For more information on the menu, timetables or to book a table, visit the website, call 0461 561 113 or send an email to

On 10-11th October 2020, at the The Nicolaus Hotel di Bari, was held the event defined as the most glamorous Italian Wine World. The Vinoway Wine Selection is a selection, always up-to-date, of the best Italian wines, born from the work of the association’s commission Vinoway Italia during various annual tastings, under the attentive direction of the President Davide Gangi.

The Association of Promotion and Valorization Vinoway Italia works with the Wine and Food sectors, considering them an integral part of tourism. It was founded by people that found in wine a fascinating and intriguind environment, rich in history, hard work and communication. Experts and enthusiasts that came together with the aim of contributing to the growth of  the enormous heritage of Italian Wine.

This year, for the first time, saw the merge of the two main events organized by Vinoway in a single event dedicated to the still wines, “Vinoway Wine Selection”, and the sparkling wines, “Vinoway Sparkle Selection”.

Vinoway firmly believes in the new generations and in the enhancement of the wineries that produce quality focusing on their future, considering what already made by the historic wineries of the Italian Wine world.

The 2020 news is the App “Vinoway Wine Selection 2021”, in which there will be the wines that partecipated in the selection, with the story of the company’s history and all the useful information about the awarded wine.

Vinoway Wine Selection 2021 awarded Cantina Toblino with:

DA FORA Manzoni Bianco DOC Trentino 2018 (95 points)

FOLL Chardonnay DOC Trentino 2018 (91 points)


From 5 to 11 October, “La Vendemmia di Via Montenapoleone” starts again in Milan. The event, now in its eleventh edition, is conceived and promoted by Montenapoleone District and realized in collaboration with the Comitato Grandi Cru d’Italia and, also this year it is during the ‘Milano Wine Week‘ staged from 3 to 11 October.

The wines, national and international, become protagonists in the boutique Global Luxury Brands of the Fashion District that welcome guests for wine-tastings on request.

These are the words of Guglielmo Miani, president of the Montenapoleone District: ‘With the harvest we renow one again our desire to celebrate the union between the world of fashion and wine, two pillars of Made in Italy. Love for beauty and research, between tradition and innovation, that we breathe in the Milan streets and boutiques, are enhanced in the week of ‘La Vendemmia’, one of the events that contributes to increase the prestige of Milan also internationally’.

The partecipation to ‘La Vendemmia’ is, for the first time, also digital: on the Instragram TV, thanks to the speech of fashion and wine entrepreneurs, some mouthpieces of the most famous Maison and ambassadors of the Italian lifestyle in the world.

Among the activities planned, the 7th October, a Masterclass organized by Gambero Rosso at the Four Seasons Hotel, in which partecipated also Cantina Toblino with L’Ora, awarded with the 3 Bicchieri.

A white wine that defies time, L’Ora of Toblino, from Nosiola grapes, a lustrum (2015) that gives further complexity to the white obtained with one of the great autochthonous varieties.”

Lorenzo Ruggeri, food and wine journalist for Gambero Rosso, described Cantina Toblino as ‘a reality in which 600 partners work together according to a strict protocol that allows them to create great wines, environmental sustainability, continuity and many projects on different land. Its Nosiola, the unique great Trentino native grape, is a very particular but versatile variety, which allows the production of great dry and sweet wines. It has a character that comes out of the chor, with hints and rhythms that taste of other time.’

The Nosiola, aged for 5 years, was a surprise both for the critics and the guests present at the event.

Trento DOC is the expression of the land it comes from, Trentino. It is made only with selected Trentino Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir and/or Pinot Meunier grapes produced by the ‘Classic Method’. The territorial characteristics, the variety of the climate, the typical altitude of Trentino and the hand of the man who creates it make it a real unique and inimitable sparkling wine from the mountains.

Trento Doc, the brand created in 2007, comes from the union of Trento and the suffix -doc, that seales the path taken since Trentino, in 1993, got the first Denomination of Controlled Origins in Italy dedicated exclusively to the Classic Method.

Vinibuoni d’Italia, the only Italian guide dedicated to the wine from native vine, awarded the 4 Stars, recogniction that emphasizes and excellent wine in which there are a complete expression of the vine and a relationship of elegance and balance, to the following wines of Cantina Toblino:




These wines are exclusively from Chardonnay grapes, obtained from vineyards located in the best exposed hilly areas of the Valle dei Laghi. In the spring following the harves, the white winemaking of the base wine is followed by the tirage in the bottle, where the second fermentation takes place as well as the long period of maturation in contact with the yeasts for over 36 months and the riddling of the pupitres. Then follow the ending with dosage for the Antares Brut and the ending without  dosate (ie. without adding sugar) for the Antares Brut Nature, and the final clapping.

Franco Ziliani, a well-known wine journalist and a cultural and tasting expert, arrived in Trentino for a tasting of more than 70 Trento Doc, on our invitation comes to visit us at Cantina Toblino, where he appreciates our wines paired to the kitchen of the chef Sebastian Sartorelli at Hosteria Toblino. In addition to this, he described Trento Doc as the Classic Method on which he would aim for the future.

The guide ‘Vini d’Italia’ of Gambero Rosso is one of the most authoritative Italian publications, which annually assigns the prestigious 3 Bicchieri, the highest recognition expected for a wine: an award for a few, prestigious labels.

A consolidated experience of over 30 years of history has allowed this guide to acquire authority towards consumers, presenting itself every year as an important voice of food and wine criticism, capable of directing the market by pointing out the excellences, whether they are produced by small winemakers as from large cellars.

Also this year, the Nosiola di Toblino is reconfirmed, receiving the 3 Bicchieri with L’Ora 2015 of Cantina Toblino: a white wine that defies time, a luster (2015) on the shoulders to give further complexity to the white obtained with one of the great native varieties, made an even more noble vine, with an identity in the Dolomite approach, which tries its hand at slowness and relaunches goduriose simplicity.

The Nosiola grapes, vinified with greater care and attention, give rise to a decidedly satisfying and equally versatile white wine. Able to satisfy a jovial consumption as the patient – deserved – expected. Because his genuine youthful strength becomes singularly complex with the passage of time. Golden, with apparently imperceptible reflections, it relaunches a first-rate floral olfactory set, so much so that it competes with wines from much more noble and international vines.

Nosiola, unmistakably linked to Vino Santo, the undisputed star of the Gambero Rosso 2020 guide, which described it as the Best Sweet Wine of Italy, winning it 3 Bicchieri.

«This century of ours, born and raised under the sign of industrial civilization, first invented the machine and then made it its own model of life.

Speed ​​has become our chain, we are all in the throes of a fast life, which upsets our habits. But man sapiens must recover his wisdom and free himself from the speed that can reduce him to an endangered species.

Against those who confuse efficiency with frenzy, we offer an adequate portion of pleasures to be practiced in slow and prolonged enjoyment.

Let’s start right at the table with Slow Food, rediscovering the richness and aromas of local cuisine.

If fast life, in the name of productivity, has changed our lives and threatens the environment and the landscape, Slow Food is today the avant-garde response.

Here, in the development of taste, true culture can begin, then progress can begin, with the international exchange of stories, knowledge, projects. Slow Food ensures a better future.

Slow Food is an idea that needs many qualified supporters to make this (slow) movement an international movement, of which the snail is the symbol.»

Good, clean and fair. This is the philosophy of the cellars towards which Slow Winelife stories, vineyards and wines in Italy pushes the visitor. A wine guide produced by Slow Food that reviews wines and cellars, thanks to the help of a number of collaborators that are now close to 300 people. A mapping of the territory that has no equal and that allows you to always report new companies and oenological realities to insiders and simple enthusiasts.

The guide assigns its awards to the most deserving companies both for the quality of the wine and for the quality of the agriculture used to produce it.

The goal is to tell the history of the cellars, to describe the vineyards and the cultivation systems adopted to conclude with the judgment of the wines. For this reason Slow Wine is the most complete Italian guide, suitable for everyone: both for readers who are just at the beginning of their journey of discovering wine, and for more experienced wine lovers, who are looking for advice on how to buy a bottle rather than another.

Cantina Toblino was awarded with the Moneta, symbol assigned to wineries that have expressed a good relationship between quality and price. To Da Fòra Manzoni Bianco Trentino Doc Bio was awarded the title of Top Wine, wine that from an organoleptic point of view has achieved excellence during tastings.

The novelty of the 2021 guide is represented by the new cover, which differs considerably from the previous ones in terms of graphics and materials used. This is in fact printed on CRUSH Uva 350.

CRUSH is the new ecological range of paper made with by-products of agro-industrial processes that replace up to 15% of cellulose from trees.

Grape residues are reused as a noble raw material. The materials are visible on the paper surface and give an unusual tactile appearance.

This is good news for the environment at a time when traditional paper production heavily affects forest resources and the growing scarcity of nature reserves.

The eco-friendly paper CRUSH, it contains, within its formulation, components with low environmental impact, both in terms of product and energy. By using agro-industrial waste and 100% green energy, the carbon footprint is reduced by 20%.

These values ​​are the same that Cantina Toblino has been trying to promote for years, such as the enhancement of the territory and sustainability both at an environmental and social level.

Now in its 17th year, the Decanter World Wine Awards (DWWA) is the world’s largest and most influential wine competition. Judged by the top wine experts from around the globe, the DWWA is trusted internationally for its rigorous judging process.

DWWA has 118 judges from around the world, including 37 Masters of Wine and 9 Master Sommeliers, and many of them are the foremost experts in their field. In this edition, they tasted and discussed the merits of 16.518 wines of 56 countries.

Judging is organised into categories, initially based on region. The judges taste wines individually. They know the region, style and price bracket, but they don’t know who produced the wine or the brand name. They then compare notes on the wine and reach a consensus on each wine’s medal.

Medal categories correspond to the 100-point scoring system used by Decanter and many top wine critics around the world.

Great success for Cantina Toblino, that has seen rewarded 8 of its wines with different medals, but Vino Santo 2004 was awarded with the most prestigious and coveted one: the Platinum Medals (97 pts).

With this result, Vino Santo 2004 is rated among the best 150 Italian wines.

A great result that enhances Valle dei Laghi, its history and traditions, Nosiola, our work and that of our partners: source of pride for all.

In addition to this award, Cantina Toblino has seen rewarded other 7 wines:

These awards confirm the ongoing commitment in the quality research and in the valorization of the territory of Valle dei Laghi.