Cantina Toblino - organic: when organic vituculture becomes an art

“We defend our vineyards by using copper and sulfur, and we favor the natural fertility of the earth with green manure.”


Azienda agricolatoblino srl: since 2010 the largest organic vineyard in Trentino

The plot of over 40 hectares, directly cultivated by the Azienda Agricola Toblino Srl on the funds of the Diocesan Institute, alone represents almost 10% of the organic area of ​​the province of Trento. The almost 28 hectares of Guyot-trained vines and the 12 hectares of the traditional Double Pergola combine to create a uniform and compact geometry of vines, 70% of which are white grapes.

Here synthetic chemicals are not used. Instead, our goal is to maintain the fertility of the soil and the balance between the biological components. Every human intervention takes into account the conditions of the vineyard: the drip irrigation system, for example, allows us to intervene at the exact moment when the vine really needs it.

The growing interest in organic viticulture has led many of our member-winegrowers to produce organic grapes. The entire production process takes place in compliance with strict standards shared by the company with all our members-winegrowers.

The excellence of the wine must be sought in the quality of the environment

Our philosophy

Practicing organic viticulture means supporting the natural processes that regulate the balance within the ecosystem.

In our Bio vineyards we have created a virtuous supply chain to calibrate the production needs on the rhythms of the earth.

The role of terroir

We have the privilege of living in an area with a climate particularly suitable for organic cultivation.

In particular, the wind called “Ora del Garda” maintains the vineyard always well ventilated, so that the aeration preserves the grapes from the grey rot, without any need for treatments.

The practice of green manure

Cantina Toblino has recovered this traditional agronomic practice to guarantee the natural fertility of the soil.

Through the plowing, herbaceous crops are buried which increase the organic substance, provide nourishment and stimulate deepening of the roots.

The defense of organic grapes: guaranteed quality

The chemical weeding is banned, as is the use of any synthetic product: according to the legislation, the defense of the vineyards is based exclusively on natural elements such as copper and sulfur.

The green management improves the aeration of the bunch and guarantees an optimal exposure to the phytosanitary mixture.


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The vineyards we grow following organic viticulture practices produce high quality grapes from which we obtain excellent wines.

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