Gambero Rosso: L’Ora wins 3 Bicchieri


L’Ora 2015 of Cantina Toblino, a white wine obtained with one of the great autochthonous varieties, receives 3 Bicchieri Gambero Rosso.

The guide ‘Vini d’Italia’ of Gambero Rosso is one of the most authoritative Italian publications, which annually assigns the prestigious 3 Bicchieri, the highest recognition expected for a wine: an award for a few, prestigious labels.

A consolidated experience of over 30 years of history has allowed this guide to acquire authority towards consumers, presenting itself every year as an important voice of food and wine criticism, capable of directing the market by pointing out the excellences, whether they are produced by small winemakers as from large cellars.

Also this year, the Nosiola di Toblino is reconfirmed, receiving the 3 Bicchieri with L’Ora 2015 of Cantina Toblino: a white wine that defies time, a luster (2015) on the shoulders to give further complexity to the white obtained with one of the great native varieties, made an even more noble vine, with an identity in the Dolomite approach, which tries its hand at slowness and relaunches goduriose simplicity.

The Nosiola grapes, vinified with greater care and attention, give rise to a decidedly satisfying and equally versatile white wine. Able to satisfy a jovial consumption as the patient – deserved – expected. Because his genuine youthful strength becomes singularly complex with the passage of time. Golden, with apparently imperceptible reflections, it relaunches a first-rate floral olfactory set, so much so that it competes with wines from much more noble and international vines.

Nosiola, unmistakably linked to Vino Santo, the undisputed star of the Gambero Rosso 2020 guide, which described it as the Best Sweet Wine of Italy, winning it 3 Bicchieri.