Gambero Rosso – Milan: Masterclass with the best 3 Bicchieri


Gambero Rosso organized a Masterclass at the Four Seasons Hotel in Milan, which was alto attended by Cantina Toblino with L’Ora.

From 5 to 11 October, “La Vendemmia di Via Montenapoleone” starts again in Milan. The event, now in its eleventh edition, is conceived and promoted by Montenapoleone District and realized in collaboration with the Comitato Grandi Cru d’Italia and, also this year it is during the ‘Milano Wine Week‘ staged from 3 to 11 October.

The wines, national and international, become protagonists in the boutique Global Luxury Brands of the Fashion District that welcome guests for wine-tastings on request.

These are the words of Guglielmo Miani, president of the Montenapoleone District: ‘With the harvest we renow one again our desire to celebrate the union between the world of fashion and wine, two pillars of Made in Italy. Love for beauty and research, between tradition and innovation, that we breathe in the Milan streets and boutiques, are enhanced in the week of ‘La Vendemmia’, one of the events that contributes to increase the prestige of Milan also internationally’.

The partecipation to ‘La Vendemmia’ is, for the first time, also digital: on the Instragram TV, thanks to the speech of fashion and wine entrepreneurs, some mouthpieces of the most famous Maison and ambassadors of the Italian lifestyle in the world.

Among the activities planned, the 7th October, a Masterclass organized by Gambero Rosso at the Four Seasons Hotel, in which partecipated also Cantina Toblino with L’Ora, awarded with the 3 Bicchieri.

A white wine that defies time, L’Ora of Toblino, from Nosiola grapes, a lustrum (2015) that gives further complexity to the white obtained with one of the great autochthonous varieties.”

Lorenzo Ruggeri, food and wine journalist for Gambero Rosso, described Cantina Toblino as ‘a reality in which 600 partners work together according to a strict protocol that allows them to create great wines, environmental sustainability, continuity and many projects on different land. Its Nosiola, the unique great Trentino native grape, is a very particular but versatile variety, which allows the production of great dry and sweet wines. It has a character that comes out of the chor, with hints and rhythms that taste of other time.’

The Nosiola, aged for 5 years, was a surprise both for the critics and the guests present at the event.