Art in cuisine & cuisine in art.


An inseparable union between art and cuisine at the base of the recipes and paintings of Chef Sebastian Sartorelli.

Sarche di Madruzzo – Hosteria Toblino has restarted in this 2021 with lots of energy, lots of ideas and lots of projects. Among these, an important project that manages to combine cuisine and art.

“The union between art and cuisine is inseparable, a chef is a kitchen artist who knows how to dose color giving unique touches to his canvas.”

This is the thought of Chef Sebastian Sartorelli of Hosteria Toblino, now an institution of Trentino cuisine located right in the heart of the splendid Valle dei Laghi. A kitchen in which the young chef manages to combine energy, passion and creative flair to bring out the best of excellent local products such as lake fish, mushrooms, polenta, potatoes, salted meat…

Sebastian is a chef-artist who, in addition to creating dishes with a great visual impact, expresses his creativity in painting, a painting made of touches or rather, drops of color that fall spontaneously, are thrown or stained on the canvas.

The inspiration is the pictorial technique of “dripping”, used by the American avant-gardes whose greatest exponent was certainly Jackson Pollock. A real exaltation of the energy of the moment, of the vibrations of space-time. Unconditional, spontaneous gestures that tell who we are, our feelings, our sensations.

The chef-artist becomes an integral part of the work. The painting is not a simple image, it is an event that can appear simple or complex depending on who stops to observe it.

“An energy that does not end in the canvas but enters into symbiosis with the observer, in our case also taster of the dishes, real works of art prepared by the chef.”

A project, an idea that combines cuisine and art, which have always been linked by an almost transcendent and indissoluble force. Art in cuisine & cuisine in art.

Tempera, sometimes food painting, also a direct involvement of the guests of Hosteria Toblino during exuberant themed evenings where each of the guests can leave their own personal indelible memory on the canvas.

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