Casa Caveau Vino Santo: a museum dedicated to “passito dei passiti”


The Vino Santo Trentino, “passito dei passiti” can now count on an entirely dedicated museum space: the Casa Caveau Vino Santo.

The Vino Santo Trentino, “passito dei passiti”. A unique wine, inextricably linked to the history and oenological tradition of the Valle dei Laghi. A rarity with a production so small that it is nicknamed “gold of the Valle dei Laghi”. A pearl to be preserved and valued with care. For Cantina Toblino it represents the highest expression of the passion and patience necessary for the care of the vineyard, of the vinsantaia where drying occurs on the “aréle”, of the barrel cellar where it refines and ages for almost 15 years.

Today the Vino Santo Trentino can count on a splendid space entirely dedicated, a museum where anyone can know the oenological and agronomic excellence of the Valle dei Laghi represented by the Nosiola and the Vino Santo. The Casa Caveau Vino Santo it was inaugurated together with local institutions in the first half of February, however the official presentation to the public should have been held on the occasion of DiVinNosiola 2020 obviously canceled due to the spread in the world of Covid-19. But there will be a restart, there must be. All the producers of the Vino Santo, from the Associazione Vignaioli Vino Santo which comprises Maxentia Distillatori & Vignaioli Cantina Pisoni Az Agr Gino Pedrotti Francesco Poli Santa Massenza Giovanni Poli Santa Massena Az Agr Pravis to Az Agr Salvetta Rautenand Cantina Toblino believe in the recovery and potential of the Valle dei Laghi, Nosiola and Vino Santo. An excellence that can now be appreciated by all wine-lovers and not only thanks to an interactive experience that takes you from a walking path on Lago di Santa MassenzaLago di Toblino to the Casa Caveau Vino Santo where you can immerse yourself entirely in an experiential and sensorial path aimed at knowing the Valle dei Laghi, the Nosiola and in particular the Vino Santo.

The Casa Caveau Vino Santo, strongly desired not only by the producers but also by APT Trento Bondone Valle dei Laghi and Ecomuseo Valle dei Laghi, it is an enchanting place created in an abandoned withering room used since the early 1900s by the father of Rebo Rigotti for the drying of the Nosiola grapes suitable for the production of Vino Santo. As soon as you enter, your gaze rests on different panels that tell each anecdote related to the Vino Santo, from the history, to the production areas, to the drying, the vinification, the refinement and the maturation. Nothing is left to chance. A prepared guide will accompany the visitor on a short journey which also includes videos, images, sounds and interactive stories by individual producers. Everything ends with a tasting of Vino Santo.

A unique experience, to try.

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