Vinibuoni d’Italia: Cantina Toblino obtains 2 Corone


The 2021 guide assigns two Corone to the wines of Cantina Toblino.

Inspired by the Italian wine tradition and aimed at enhancing local roots, territory and typicity, Vinibuoni d’Italia of Touring Club Italiano gives a clear signal to consumers and to the Italian and foreign market, on the made in Italy of wine.

The guide is unique, in the Italian and international scene, because it is the only one dedicated to the wine from native vine, the ones 100% produced by vine varieties that have been in the Peninsula for over 300 years. These wines are an established reality in the Italian wine scene. Even the large audience of enthusiasts has learned to recognize and appreciate wines coming from historical vines that have their roots in the past and in the most authentic traditions of a place.

Born 16 years ago, when the team of autochthonous wines was at the forefront, Vinibuoni d’Italia is the result of a quality work by a team of experts (coordinated by  Mario Busso and Alessandro Scorsone) that every year meets up in a regional tasting commitee and selects the best wines.

Divided into 21 regional chapters (Trentino and South Tyrol are divided into two chapters), the guide leads fans to discover the thousand wines, the thousand wineries and the thousand worlds of autochthonous tradition: small family-run enterprises, social cooperatives and modern wineries, wines of great structure and ‘everyday’ wines.

The wines that obtain more votes receive the Corona, the highest award that the guide attributes to the best selected native wines; whereas the others achieve the  Golden Star.

The 2021 guide assigns two Corone to the wines of Cantina Toblino:

VINO SANTO Trentino Doc 2004

LAS Lagrein Trentino Doc Bio 2016

These wines are pleasure and complex and have a defined character: wines of strong emotions, able to enhance the senses of every passionate winelover.