“San Pietro Cheese Experience”: a great success also for Cantina & Hosteria Toblino


Cantina Toblino, Madruzzo 8 June 2020 – Latteria San Pietro, Cantina Toblino and Hosteria Toblino together for the first Digital Cheese Experience.

Cantina Toblino, Madruzzo 8 Giugno 2020 – The first Digital Cheese Experience which saw the joint participation of Latteria San Pietro, Cantina Toblino e Hosteria Toblino took place on Saturday 6 June 2020 on the Microsoft Teams platform. Thanks to the close partnership with Microsoft Italia within the project “Ambizione Italia” and Si-Net, Latteria San Pietro has involved in this splendid initiative not only Cantina and Hosteria Toblino but also an important audience of Food&Wine Bloggers composed of:

All actively participated in the digital experience, being able to get to know Latteria San Pietro, the production of Grana Padano from the cultivation of stable meadows to the long seasoning process. An unforgettable experience that ended with the creation and tasting of a dish together with the chef Sebastian Sartorelli. The bloggers were thus able to know the secrets of the production of this exceptional cheese, the aromas and perfumes it releases during the tasting. The chef Sebastian Sartorelli and our guests then each personally interpreted a splendid “Beef Tartare with Grana Padano Dop Selection from Hay, Green Asparagus and Ginger” proposed by our chef. To seal the whole combination with one of the excellence of Cantina Toblino: nosiola Largiller 2012. An exceptional wine, which for its characteristics of complexity, freshness, flavor and elegance perfectly matched the taste of this particular and unique Grana Padano Dop from Latteria San Pietro.

Below you can see some of the creations, or rather the interpretations of the dish by the participants in the digital experience.