Chef Sebastian Sartorelli: an unforgettable show cooking at Garda con Gusto 2019


Our young and expert chef Sebastian Sartorelli protagonist in Garda with Gusto – Gourmet Experience 2019.

Our young and experienced chef Sebastian Sartorelli surprised the numerous guests of Garda con Gusto – Gourmet Experience 2019 with a truly incredible show cooking.

A real experience for all participants who, in addition to being able to taste the delicacies created by the chef, were able to leave an indelible mark on the canvas. It will sound strange, however Sebastian Sartorelli not only delights in the kitchen but also with “food painting”. Sometimes, in the case of particularly important evenings, it allows its guests to leave their mark, to express their emotions with a colorful touch, to fill a picture that fills the soul.

Poetry and emotions are combined with cooking, art on the plate. Here are the four delicacies proposed:

  • “Le Montagnine” Potato Cream with Alpine Shiitake Mushrooms and Baldo Black Truffle
  • Buckwheat Barchetta, Trout Marinated with Citrus, Trout Eggs, Aromatic Herbs, Chickpea Hummus and Aioli Sauce
  • Carne Salada Burger, Pan Brioche, Torbole Broccoli and Dro Plum
  • Puffed Polenta Chips, Creamed Cod and Olive Powder

A delight for the eyes, the soul and the palate.