Cantina & Hosteria Toblino on TV: from wine to food


The interest of regional and national television networks towards Cantina & Hosteria Toblino is growing. There are several programs and specials dedicated to our food and wine proposal and to the Valle dei Laghi.

In recent months several TV episodes have been aired starring Cantina Toblino & Hosteria Toblino. Starting from the beginning, in conjunction with Vinitaly, the special “Paesi e Paesaggi” on Cantina Toblino, Nosiola and Holy Wine aired on Canale 5 within Striscia La Notizia. Davide Rampello, iconic curator of the “Paesi e Paesaggi” section dedicated to the landscape and food and wine excellences of Italy, was able to touch the excellence of the Valle dei Laghi with his hands, being impressed by the wines of Cantina Toblino (a historic 1967 vintage of Vino Santo Trentino was opened) and being able to know our reality from the words of the winemaker Lorenzo Tomazzoli.

Almost a month later, “Ricette all’Italian” aired on Rete 4, a broadcast in which Davide Mengacci and Anna Moroni recount some food and wine peculiarities from the Italian regions. A special short in which the splendid Annabruna di Iorio conversed with the director Carlo de Biasi about the wines of Cantina Toblino, the importance of Nosiola and Organic Viticulture in Valle dei Laghi. Subsequently, the staff was pleasantly surprised by the cuisine of our chef Sebastian Sartorelli of Hosteria Toblino.

Recently, however, Girovagando in Trentino has dedicated an entire episode to the Valle dei Laghi with particular attention to Cantina and Hosteria Toblino. During the registration, the well-known journalist Walter Nicoletti, conversed with the president Bruno Lutterotti and with the current brand manager Giovanni Luigi Brumat on various issues related to the importance of innovation and the training of members to guarantee the consumer a product of ‘high quality.